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Dancer : Musician : Event Producer : Artist : Choreographer : Composer : Photographer : Yoga

Jennifer Imashev born into an Eastern European family in the hills of western Pennsylvanian; she also lived on an artist commune as a child for a small time.  Growing up she was inspired by her mothers highly tuned artistic nature, her love of sustainable living and her spirituality.

She began dancing at a age 2 with a variety of dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern, tap,West African, Eastern European folk dancing(JR.Tamburitzans of Pittsburgh), Odissi Indian Dance, Appalachian clogging, Central Asian and contact improve . She also studied  with Mansur Kamaletdinov former directer of the Bolshoi in Russia and was lucky to get to performed a Russian gypsy dance directed by him.

Jennifer Anya Imashev first studied belly dance in the summer of 1988. She initially studied with Turkish trained dancer Rayah bint Youssef out of Pennsylvania.  Over the years  she has studied with a wide range of belly dancers. Styles studied include, Folkloric BellyDance, Turkish, Tunisian, Egyptian, American tribal style, and Tribal Fusion. She has experience with Sword dancing,  pot/vase/ basket dancing, zills, cane, veils, and Turkish spoons. 
She fuses and blends many types of bellydance into her performance.
She performs and teaches BellyDance nationally and internationally as a solo artist and with BellyDancing and Middle Eastern music groups. 
 CYT-250 Certified Yinsaya Yoga instructor 
Past experience included,

1995 she was a founding member of Ghawazee Middle Eastern Music and Dance. National performance group.

2003 joined  Zafira Dance Company. National and International touring and performance bellydance group.


Currently she works with,

Ever After, with co member Joseph Castelli (Sitar)

The Hamer sisters, with her sisters Maria Hamer  and Christine Andrews. 



See Jennifer performances in video's for sale:

~With Turku in Alleys of Istanbul alive


~With Daveed in Whirlwinds


~With Zafira dance in live at the Kelly Strayhorne


 Jennifer is a Taurus sun, Scorpio moon and Capricorn rising



 Maria Hamer

 "What can I say about my big sis!!!! 
She was always an icon for fashion, beauty, and decadence for me growing up. I love her zest for life, always so positive and innocent. She has dancing so long now and when I first started dancing it was her and Christine who I watched the most! She's so much fun to dance with and create with...definately an "out of box" thinker! 
She also really knows how to make people feel welcome... with good food, incense and music....... 
I LOVE you my big sister!!!!!!!!! 



 "I have never met anyone more touchy-feely than Jenn. She always keeps me warm, and a little nervous. A beautiful & responsive dancer, I love drumming for her."



 "Drumming for Jenn is magic of the first order!!!...I've said it before...drumming for Jennifer, words pale. Her sense of rhythm and timing is exceptional. "

~ Testimonials taken from tribe.net and facebook

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