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Dancer : Musician : Event Producer : Artist : Choreographer : Composer : Photographer : Yoga

Joseph Castelli 


Joseph Castelli born in the Bronx.

Growing up in New Jersey he was exposed to art and music at an early age, first with his Cuban mothers love of painting and original stories.Then later on seeing his fathers passion for music and photography he soon followed suit.

He started playing guitar at age 16 and joined his first band at age 18.  Recording and writing original music at an early age, he is a sought after artist and performer.

His first exposure to the sitar came being from introduced to the belly dance scene; the beating drums and melodic dancing inspired him to learn and then to perform.

To Joseph his music is about bringing people together and what he loves most is to sculpt a mood for his audience.

He has  had the pleasure of performing the sitar on Broadway as well as with a multitude of artists and musicans. 

He has been trained in and has studied; Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar,  Sitar, Violin, drum kit, Voice, Flamenco Guitar, Saz, Jazz(Guitar), Bouzouki, and the Banjo.  

Joesph has informal experience with 20  different kinds of Instruments.

Has has formally been a member in 12 different  musical bands.




"There is a reason that I get upset when I don't get to play music with Swabere. It's because when I do, the world becomes clearer to me in my mind and my heart soars. There is an honest connection that is created each time we create music together. As for him and the ladies, well that is for everyone else to enjoy watching. I'm sure he enjoys it as well. 

Swabere, you are my brother in music. Families should stick together. 




 "Swabere is a grand contradiction. 
Hauntingly beautiful soulful music comes from his fingers and through his instrument... And then I realize when he reads this he'll be pleased that I mentioned "his instrument". He is witty, intelligent and insightful- He can hold deep conversations about music, life, beauty, culture and all sorts of things. He tries to keep that to a minimum, though. 
His playing is magical. It speaks of beauty, melancholy, joy, longing, teasing, opium induced euphoria (!). It truly inspires. It evokes so many emotions that what can a girl do but dance?"


 "Swabere makes music that commands dancers to get up and move! I find that the older I become in my dance career, I am more likely to wait for the moment until I'm inpired to dance. Swabere, I'd just like to say "Thanks" for making those moments happen for me. You music is the perfect balance of blending the ancient and traditional with the modern and creative. It's the perfect music to drive and create the inspiration in me and my dance. Thank you for sharing your art and who you are through it! 
May Saraswati contine to shine her wisdom and grace upon you! 


 "One can look past the yang that slips from Swabere's "mouth", for when he does touch his fingers to his instrument, the yin of beautiful music that emerges lifts our soul. It is comforting to know that the universe has such a balance, and that Swabere is concerned with its maintenance."

~Testimonials taken from tribe.net

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